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Menicucci 1689

Passion for wine, and for the lands of Tuscany.

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Menicucci 1689

My Company Menicucci 1689 is the success of a person who has always strongly believed in his territory. Tuscany, a wonderful land, whose wines are loved all over the world.

Those born among the rolling Tuscan hills and the noble perfumes of Sangiovese grapes have respect and love for their wines in their blood.

The production of the important Tuscan Doc, in the protection of their identity and uniqueness, is primarily a passion as well as my daily goal. 

My wines bring the elegance and austerity of the Sangiovese grape, expertly married to the more full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.


Our Wines

In my wines I describe a landscape, which in the simplicity of its grapes bewitches the palates of the whole world.

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Discover all wines