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 Grape varieties: 50% Negroamaro – 50% Primitivo

 Area of production: Puglia, Italy

 Alcohol contenent: 17%

 Serving temperature: 16-18°C

 Harvest: Beginning of October

 Vinification: The grapes vinified with the drying technique produce a denser must, inside which the aromatic substances reach very high concentrations. The color becomes darker, impenetrable to the eye: the scent is what guides the discovery of the characteristics of the must, so full and harmonious to suggest all the potentials of the wine to come.

 Ageing: in stainless steel vats

Color: Intense purple color with garnet.

 Bouquet: Full and fragrant with typical hints of ripe red fruit and light spicy notes

 Palate: Full, large and round with ripe red fruit notesacid components in a complex of softness and taste balance.

Food pairing

Excellent with elaborate pasta dishes, grilled red meats and
mature cheese.

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