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 Grape varieties: Pinot Grigio

 Area of production: Veneto Region

 Alcohol contenent: 12,5% Vol

 Serving temperature: 10/12 °C

 Harvest: First half of September

 Climate: Temperate, mitigated by the sea, the chain of the Alps protects it from the northern winds. Winters are cold and wet, summers are hot and sultry with medium temperature excursions.

 Ageing: in stainless steel vats

Color: Straw yellow

 Bouquet: bouquet of small berries, blackberry and plum blossom with delicate floral (pink) and vegetable notes (tea leaf), embellished with liquorice, graphite and wild memories.

 Palate: impressive, elegant, austere taste, supported by polished tannins and a vibrant mineral-acid vein.

Food pairing

Ideal as an aperitif and with any fish courses.

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